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Craig Clemens

September 07, 2018

Brand New Music

Spiritualized | And Nothing Hurt
With yet another wild, dreamlike and remarkably different record And Nothing Hurt is a concise display of Jason Pierce’s songwriting. A stellar addition to their catalogue the quality and attention to detail is as high as ever. It may have been a full six(?!) years since their last record, but it was certainly worth the wait. Although it’s rumored that this could be the bands swan song, Pierce and company play directly to their strengths by crafting a drifting, spell-binding, and stunningly beautiful album. Another master stroke of genius in a career chocked full of them.

Yves Tumor | Safe In The Hands of Love
Normally thriving on chaos and unpredictability, Yves instead focuses on reigning it in a little bit. And while it’s refreshing to hear someone so removed from the rules of the genre, it’s also thrilling to find someone engaging themselves so fully in experimental pop music. Absolutely borderless Safe In The Hands of Love is absolutely intoxicating.

Waxahatchee | Great Thunder
While it’s not the most complex release from Katie Crutchfield, it is certainly the most poinaint and truly very sad. It’s not always easy to get into an album this emotionally jarring but there’s so much packed into her words that even if you’re not in the right headspace to really absorb it all the record will still take you on a ride. Stripped down instrumentation moves and lingers with rising melodies and offers an almost complete departure from Waxahatchee’s normally crunchy, full-throated indie rock.

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