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Craig Clemens

September 02, 2016

On This Day

1978 – Teddy Pendergrass, the former lead singer of Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, set out to promote his latest album ‘Life Is A Song Worth Singing’ by performing a concert for women only.

1989 – Ozzy Osbourne was charged with threatening to kill his wife Sharon. Ozzy was released on the condition that he immediately went into detox, the case was later dropped when the couple decide to reconcile.

2005 – Mariah Carey became only the 5th act ever to hold the top two positions in the US singles chart. The singer’s ‘We Belong Together’ notched a 10th consecutive week at number one on the Billboard chart while ‘Shake It Off’ jumped two places to second place. The feat puts Carey in a select group of acts to hold the top two with Nelly, OutKast, The Bee Gees and The Beatles. ‘We Belong Together’ was Carey’s 16th number one, giving her the third highest number of chart-toppers in the US behind the Beatles and Elvis Presley.

2005 – Kanye West criticized President Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina during a televised benefit concert in New York. The show, which was raising funds for relief efforts, featured Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Gere, Glenn Close, Harry Connick Jr and Wynton Marsalis. Appearing alongside comedian Mike Myers for a 90-second segment West told the audience: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” The comment went out live on the US east coast, but was cut from a taped version seen on the west coast.


Brand New Music

Angel Olsen | My Woman
Olsen has made an amazing, determined and epic statement with My Woman. Not only is each individual track a slice of strong and clever indie rock, the album as a whole is, as the A.V. Club put it “the realest album of the year”. Bold, beautiful, this is Olsen’s best creative output to date.

Eluvium | False Readings On
The Oregon native, Matthew Cooper spent seven full years working on his first album, a double-sided affair and ever since he’s retained that exploratory and experimental spirit. This isn’t exactly ambient, but it certainly plays without a beat – one might find his work more appropriately accompanying a movie as a soundtrack, but this music’s saving grace as a standalone piece of work is Coopers sense of melody. Gripping and relaxing all at once, False Readings continues Coopers journey.

Jamie T | Trick
Another strong contender for best record of the year (Lemonade not withstanding) Trick puts the listener front and center at the Jamie T show. Watch, in amazement, as he flawlessly jumps between genres without ever missing a beat. Wonder at how he’s seemingly able to both come back to his roots but also touch so many bases and contrast so well without ever jarring the listener out of their seat. It’s quite an impressive…. Trick.