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Craig Clemens

September 20, 2019

Brand New Music

Brittany Howard | Jaime
An absolutely stunning solo debut from Alabama Shakes lead singer and song-writer, Jaime is a LP that pushes boundaries. There’s catharsis and emotional reflection combined with a tumultuous mix of experimental psychedelic-jazz-infused guitar licks and an array of warm tones. Sensational in it’s depiction of overcoming religious guilt, it is a total departure digging on her years of kaleidoscopic mix of R&B, hip-hop, blues, and gospel, which creates a deep and personal political urgency.

Liam Gallagher | Why Me? Why Not?
Should one of the greatest frontmen in modern rock history need to change to match his own ambition? A classic sequel which adds a lot of depth of character, this follow-up reveals Gallagher’s joy whenever he makes music. An album, produced by an extremely experienced artist, who is determined to prove that the fun will never die.

Ameer Vann | Emmanuel
Absolutely extraordinary, this EP brings forth empathy, not because it makes you feel like Vann has been hard done by, but because it literally transfigures the listener into the body of the narrative – as any great story-teller is apt to do. Ameer Vann is back in a very big way. More than a year removed from his forced departure from Brockhampton he’s turned his creative isolation into something bigger (and better) than the sum of his former projects.

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