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Craig Clemens

September 15, 2017

On This Day..

1961 A group from Hawthorne, California called The Pendletones attend their first real recording session at Hite Morgan’s studio in Los Angeles. The band recorded “Surfin”, a song that would help shape their career as The Beach Boys.

1966 The Small Faces were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with “All Or Nothing”, their only No.1 hit. According to Kay Marriott, Steve Marriott’s mother, Steve wrote the song about his split with ex-fiancee Sue Oliver, though first wife Jenny Rylance states that Marriott told her he wrote the song for her as a result of her split with Rod Stewart.

1970 US Vice-President Spiro Agnew said in a speech that the youth of America were being “brainwashed into a drug culture” by rock music, movies, books and underground newspapers.

2014 Apple released a tool to remove U2’s new album from its customers’ iTunes accounts six days after giving away the music for free. Some users had complained about the fact that their latest album Songs of Innocence had automatically been downloaded to their devices without their permission.


Brand New Music

Ariel Pink | Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
There’s few things as great in life as a completely insane pop album. Taking on his own success with his head held high, Ariel Pink hangs onto the avant-guarde and gonzo-pop attitudes so incredibly well. Dedciated to Bobby Jameson offers a sort of brilliance that was missing in pom pom and in some other previous works as Ariel Pink’s star began to shine brighter and brighter.

Rostam | Half-Light
It’s hard to believe that this is Batmanglij’s first proper solo effort. Overall it’s a quiet revelation of the places and talents that have been front and center in his creative works for years, but in the background of those who he has supported. There’s a fussy, fanatic energy that is a little weird at times but is overall, very charming.

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton | Choir of The Mind
A beautiful piece of work from someone who is on their way to be one of Canada’s best singer/songwriters, Emily Haines creates some sort of dark magic with her piano and songwriting abilities. Everything in this album is drifting and unhurried and she thankfully keeps her style and simplicity in place.