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Craig Clemens

September 14, 2018

Brand New Music

Low | Double Negative
This album is an absolutely stunning artistic statement. An astonishing, cohesive, wide ranging achievement that is continuously shifting. By forging dissolving guitars, words and sounds into sublime experimental ambient glitch pop. Double Negative is a stunning artistic statement, one that is both admired and enjoyed.

Aphex Twin | Collapse EP
It must be the season for genre-bending, beautifully electronic, playful and tantalizing albums – if you’re into that kind of thing. This deconstructionist addition to the Aphex Twin catalog is another excellent release which perfectly reflects the finest elements of Richard James’ oeuvre. Every song is an absolute gem from dense bursts of intricate glitch to expansive, ambient soundscapes, making it feel a lot longer than the diminutive 5-tracks it truly is.

Jungle | For Ever
For those who have yet to fall in love with Jungle, For Ever is a good album to start that love affair. While their previous outputs were a tribute to their local UK scene, this LP is Jungle’s big tent album. Falsettos, grooves, glossy funk, it’s all in there in spades.

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