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Craig Clemens

September 13, 2019

Brand New Music

Charli XCX | Charli

Infectiously indulgent and absolutely boundlessly liberating, Charli is a all-guns blazing pitch for XCX to reach super-stardom. A direct result of years of experimentation, this album wears it metallic, raw beats and synths on it’s sleeve while the embattled singer reveals her anxieties for all to see. Yet another winning release from an artist who won’t be stopped in pushing pop music into the future.

(Sandy) Alex G | House of Sugar

Alex Giannascoli has, from time to time, experimented with taking odd and accessible ideas and blending them together, but he’s never really ever done it this well. Giannascoli’s creativity is absolutely endless, and as he continues on his never-ending output, he’s becoming stronger and joyfully weirder which each and every release.

Chelsea Wolfe | Birth of Violence

Brimming with dreamy wonder and emotion, Chelsea Wolfe’s creative versatility is on full display. Both invigorating and intoxicating, this album is something that will not only please old fans, but also bring new ones into the fold. Showing off her best assets of spareness and modern production highlights her ability to do a lot more with less while her majesty and ominous elegance are more potent than ever.

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