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Craig Clemens

September 01, 2017

On This Day..

1977 Blondie featuring former Playboy Bunny Debra Harry, signed their first major record company contract with Chrysalis Records.

1979 U2 released their very first record, an EP titled ‘U2-3.’ With an initial run of 1,000 individually numbered copies the tracks were produced by the band with Chas de Whalley and was available only in Ireland.

1980 Fleetwood Mac ended a nine-month world tour with a performance at the Hollywood Bowl. Lindsay Buckingham announced on stage, “This is our last show for a long time.”

1984 After a 25-year career, Tina Turner had her first solo No.1 single in the US with “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. This song was originally written for Cliff Richard, however the song was rejected. It was then offered to Donna Summer, who has stated she sat with it for a couple of years but never recorded it.


LCD Soundsystem | American Dream
Much darker than the last time we heard from James Murphy and company. After a breakup, a reunion, a many delays there’s a new LCD Soundsystem record to hang our collective hats on. Beautifully produced, amazingly mastered, but like I said, a bit of a downer. But that’s just it. After the preceding trilogy of LPs it seems like James Murphy finally has something new to say. Bonus: if you’re looking for a 3-hour interview with James Murphy you need to check out his guest appearance on The Best Show with Tom Sharpling.

Mogwai | Every Country’s Sun
In retaining their signature sound without becoming too repetitive, Mogwai’s latest effort is monumental as well as quite subtle. There’s an easy flow from one track to another and as a whole it finds their synth-focused sound having the same old bite that it used to.