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Craig Clemens

November 13, 2015

On This Day…

1963 – The Beatles recorded a television interview at Westward Television Studios in Plymouth, Devon, for a local teen program “Move Over, Dad”. Due to a large crowd of excited fans outside, The Beatles had to be smuggled from their dressing-room at the ABC Cinema, where they were scheduled to appear that night, into an adjacent building, then through a tunnel, to get to Westward Studios for the interview taping.

1973 – Jerry Lee Lewis Jr was killed in a car accident near Hernando, Mississippi. Lewis had been working as the drummer in his father’s band.

1990 – Patricia Boughton filed a lawsuit against Rod Stewart claiming that a football he kicked into the crowd during a concert at Pine Knob Music Theatre had ruptured a tendon in her middle finger. And as a result the injury had made sex between her and her husband difficult.

1999 – A report showed that The Spice Girls were the highest earners in pop during the 90’s with their debut album ‘Spice’ selling over 20 million copies. Elton John was second with 14 million sales from ‘The Lion King’.


Brand New Music

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard | Paper Mâché Dream Balloon
Fans of the previous work from this Aussie 7-piece may have a bit of trouble getting around this new found bubblegum-nature. As their 7th LP in an already great career of psychedelic albums, Paper Mâché Dream Balloon sounds a lot like their Yellow Submarine. This could easily pass for a soundtrack to an animated film. It’s still a lot of fun, very cheery, but almost a little over-the-top.

Oneohtrix Point Never | Garden of Delete
This record is absolutely ludicrous. A strange electric sound collage that stretches the limits of “culture” and almost defines description. Still underneath all the wonderful weirdness there is emotion buried deep – a sort of tragedy found in the absurdity of the delivery. It would all be for not if it wasn’t actually good. And it is. Strange, funny, and sometimes in bad taste, the record as a whole is sometimes little more than that house down the street that’s packed to the brim with junk – but really cool junk.

We Are The City | Above Club
It’s one thing to be deliberately weird and off putting (see previous) but it’s something completely different when you active challenge your listeners and seemingly grow along with them. The third LP from We Are The City requires a lot of unpacking. Those who are familiar with 2013’s Violent or the soundtrack they composed for drummer Andrew Huculiak’s film, will find Above Club insanely rewarding and worth the close listening that’s required.


Footnote – Justin Bieber did a thing today or something.