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Craig Clemens

May 04, 2018

Brand New Music

Jon Hopkins | Singularity
If you can afford over a hour to sit down and really listen to a record today, make sure Sigularity is that record. Larger, denser, quicker that his debut, John Hopkins has released a 63-minute microhouse masterpiece – completely re-branding himself with a more atmospheric, clearer vision. Exploring sonic textures as deeply as ever, this record finds one of electronic music’s greatest minds operating at the peak of his abilities.

Iceage | Beyondless
Iceage continue to be one of the most exciting bands in music and it’s in this quest to continue to challenge themselves that they have created another thrilling album imbued with youthful vigor and timeless poise. Where their previous material kept arrangements lean, Beyondless comes out of that shell with energy and prestige. It’s absolutely the groups more appealing and energizing record to date, even if that accessibility overshadows their own strength.

Eleanor Friedberger | Rebound
One of indie rocks true masters of being able to capture subtle changes in mood, in this release Fridberger eschews her rustic instrumentation and replaces it with vintage synths and guitars. On an album that carries it’s fair share of melancholy, she’s managed to create a powerful album that surrounds the listener so heavily that almost overwhelming at times.

Leon Bridges | Good Thing
Once a rehash of Sam Cooke-era soul, but no longer. With this sophomore release Bridges refuses to be classified by an era long passed. Now, he’s become an artist of his own time and space, and the results are incredible.

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