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Craig Clemens

May 31, 2019

Brand New Music

Denzel Curry | ZUU
An absolutely strong offering from Denzel Curry – this is absolutely a record you’ll want to nod your head and dance to. In a well-deserved salute to the his fans and the masses Curry has taken the introspection of his previous work and turned it completely around and possibly finally shedding his label as the “most underrated rapper in the game”.

Skepta | Ignorance is Bliss
This rapper from Tottenham has swung from a bold statement in his previous work where critical acclaim was less of a sure thing, to something that sort of rehashes what we already know about his style and energy. Still dark, broody, brash and innovative, this is not an album looking to that critical acclaim, but it is yet another demonstration of his talent as one of the best London-based rappers out there.

Kishi Bashi | Omoiyari
A very deep and emotional record from the Japanese vioinist and songwriter, Omoiyari focuses on human resilience and creativity and how people find hope and beauty in difficult situations. Omoiyari is the Japanese word for compassion – the ability to empathize with other’s perspectives in an effort to show kindness and understanding. By revisiting his roots, and writing an album about the horrors of the Japanese internment during WWII, he has created a scholarly masterpiece that looks back at the troubles of the past and parallels them with the cultural problems today.

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