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Craig Clemens

May 26, 2015

On This Day…

1978 – A Irish television show called ‘Youngline’ featured a young group of musicians, The Hype (aka U2), who were on to highlight their interest in music.

1990 – For the first time ever the Top 5 positions on the US Billboard charts were held by women:

No. 5 – Alright | Janet Jackson

No. 4 – Hold On | Wilson Phillips

No. 3 – Nothing Compares 2 You | Sinead O’Connor

No. 2 – All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You | Heart

No. 1 – Madonna | Vogue

2002 – The first episode of ‘At Home With the Osbourne’ premiered on MTV in the UK after already becoming a hit in the US. Focusing on Ozzy, Sharon, and their three children the family remained oblivious to the camera as they squabbled, bickered, and cursed at each other – this vapid television format still lives on today.

2009 – Ending a 3 year dispute, Judge Jack Early ruled that the estate of late soul singer James Brown be broken up between charity, his wife and young son, and six adult children. Brown’s family, wife, and others had fought over his fortune since his untimely death of heart failure in 2006.


Brand New Music

Unknown Mortal Orchestra | Multi-Love
Expanding exponentially on the almost woozy characteristics of their previous LP II, Multi-Love represents a massive creative leap forward. Ruben Nielson, the man behind the group, has delved into more creative studio techniques and in breaking the conventions he himself laid out over his last offerings has accomplished more of a rich R&B and funk vibe that always was just beneath the surface of his previous works.

Zhala | Self-Titled
How do you do electro-cosmic-psyche-party-pop and make a statement with it? This is something Zhala explores thoroughly with her new self-titled LP. Turning a mirror on the vain, molly-popping, 20-something, millennial crowd the record, upon first listen fits right in, but is really a self examination of such. “I didn’t think about what others would think: I thought about how they would feel… I focused on the experience.”, Zhala said in an statement to The Line of Best Fit. Musically, the album itself is incredibly adventurous and it offers a glimpse at a bright future, however, it’s the self-examination of “popular culture” that really sets this apart.

This one caught me (and apparently everybody) so off guard that I haven’t even had the chance to finish listening to it yet. Dropping a week early, the new one from A$AP Rocky is star-studded to say the least. Featuring the likes of Kanye West, Juicy J, Lil Wayne, Mark Ronson, Mos Def, and Rod Stewart(?!) A$AP has delivered once again. This record, even only 3/4 of the way through, is a force of nature.