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Craig Clemens

May 26, 2017

On This Day..

1964 Marianne Faithful recorded the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards song ‘As Tears Go By’, accompanied by future Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page on guitar and John Paul Jones on bass.

1968 US blues artist Little Willie John died in prison after being convicted of manslaughter. Co-wrote and was the first to record a ‘Fever’ (covered by Peggy Lee in 1958), and ‘Need Your Love So Bad’ covered by Fleetwood Mac. James Brown recorded a tribute album ‘Thinking Of Little Willie John… And A Few Other Nice Things’.

1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono began an eight-day ‘bed in’, in room 1742 of The Hotel La Reine Elizabeth, Montreal, Canada, to promote world peace. They recorded ‘Give Peace a Chance’ in the hotel room (Petula Clark can be heard on the chorus). The song was credited to Lennon & McCartney, even though Paul had nothing to do with the record.

1972 At the point of the band splitting up David Bowie offered Mott The Hoople two of his new songs, ‘Suffragette City’, which they turned down and ‘All The Young Dudes’, which they recorded. The song gave the group a No.3 UK and US Top 40 hit.


Brand New Music

Justin Townes Earle | Kids in the Street
When hopping around into different styles and genres within an album, an artist must tread lightly. Done poorly it can seem disjointed and sometimes pandering. Justin Townes Earle, however, seems to have pulled this off pretty adeptly. Kids in the Street illustrates the journey that Townes Earle has taken to get to this point in his career. Even if it takes a couple different genres to get to that point. That being said, he still shows his roots – as grimy and beautiful as they always have been.

Sam Amidon | The Following Mountain
Sam Amidon’s rustic musicianship and voice that illustrates his taste and talent for innovative arrangements shine through in The Following Mountain. Although the record can, at times, seem a little pretentious, by nature of his creative process the meandering character and instinctive style makes even his synth work seem almost rootsy and rustic.

Lil Yachty | Teenage Emotions
If you’re already on board with Lil Yachty, if you already live your life covered in cupcake frosting, you’re going to be right at home in the depths of this overwhelming 21-track saga of sickeningly sweet new-era rap-pop.Teenage Emotions does it’s best to try to expand on the ideas brought forth on Lil Yachty’s previous mixtapes, but it only plays to the choir, and what results is an album that is very fun but leaves those who don’t already appreciate Lil Yachty with a sort of brain freeze.