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Craig Clemens

May 25, 2018

Brand New Music

Considering Kanye was reportedly working on this record up to the last minute you’d almost expect this to exceed it’s 21-minute run time. However, even with it’s diminished length the, now middle-aged, rapper makes the biggest statement of his career. Tightly produced, greatly highlighting Pusha T’s individual talents we still find him rapping about drug dealing, even if he’s in reality far removed from his requirements to do so. There’s a pleasure to this flow, however, that smooths over these questions of authenticity.

CHVRCHES | Love Is Dead
The Glascow indie electro three-piece return with a record that manages to strike a balance between a hopeful utopian pop and a depressed, gloomier undercurrent. Additionally, there’s a surprising amount of aggression here that is completely undeniable. However, the problems in this record is not with it’s sensibility or it’s politics but it’s almost perfectly polished sound. As the group scrubbed the record to its shimmery glory, the listener is revealed a magnification of it’s flaws.

Kamaal Williams The Return
There is a line that runs directly from Kamaal Williams straight into the past and into the heart of the electric jazz pioneers of the 70’s. One of the best fusion players in jazz today, the expressed desire to Return and to recapture the spirit and sound of vintage 70’s funk and jazz comes across less of a re-hashing and more of a complete re-birth.

Jenny Hval | The Long Sleep
There’s an intimacy that is sometimes lacking in Jenny Hval’s affinity for conceptual and almost otherworldly songwriting and arrangements. However, in The Long Sleep Hval offers an influx of charm and just enough easily digestible sounds that it doesn’t go over a casual listeners head.

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