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Craig Clemens

May 24, 2019

Brand New Music

Flying Lotus | Flamagra

Along on his ride of chaos and calm, this delicately balanced mix of every single genre, style and theme that has defined Flying Lotus’ work to date has bound together across 27 songs into a work that feels like a daydream. Playful yet melancholic, this 67-minutes of cosmic genius feels absolutely limitless.

Faye Webster | Atlanta Millionaires Club

Faye Webster dares you not to take her seriously. With this self-deprecating persona we find Atlanta Millionaires Club a masterpiece of tenderness mixed expertly with dry humor and moody instrumentation. Growing into her love of both organic R&B and rooted indie, there’s a vulnerability that is direct and sticking.

Cate Le Bon | Reward

Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Timothy, (aka Cate Le Bon) packs a whole lot into this, her fifth studio album. Although if taken all at once the album as a whole could feel like a bit of a slog, maybe too bleak for someone at first listen, but after careful second glance you’ll find it’s entirely captivating. Hypnotic and mysterious, Timothy is lays out a striking 10-song work that feels otherworldly.

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