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Craig Clemens

May 19, 2017

On This Day

1960 American DJ Alan Freed was indicted along with seven others for accepting $30,650 in payola from six record companies. Two years later, he was convicted and given a suspended sentence and a $300 fine.

1973 Paul Simon released the single ‘Kodachrome’ named after the Kodak 35mm film Kodachrome which became a No.2 hit in the US. It was not released as a single in Britain, because the BBC would not play the trademarked name.

1978 Dire Straits released their first major label single ‘Sultans Of Swing’, recorded on a £120 budget. The song was first recorded as a demo at Pathway Studios, North London, in July 1977, and quickly acquired a following after it was put on rotation at Radio London.

1979 Supertramp went to No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Breakfast In America’, the group’s only US No.1. It featured three US Billboard hit singles: ‘The Logical Song’, ‘Goodbye Stranger’ and ‘Take the Long Way Home’.


Brand New Music

Do Make Say Think | Stubborn Persistent Illusions
There are some bands that transcend even knowledgeable expectations of what they’re supposed to be. Do Make Say Think, even almost a decade removed from their previous release, has gone beyond expectations and again released a conceptual album of instrumentals of emotional soundscapes and movements. Although the hour-long runtime may seem daunting, it’s an incredibly rewarding listen.

Jlin | Black Origami
After spending a ton of time on their new material the old stuff seems like it’s the product of somebody else. That being said, Black Origami is a great achievement and it seems like Jlin is just coming into her own. Her sophomore effort is brilliant piece of overwhelming musical production. Dark, relentless and demanding of the listener to get on her level.

(Sandy) Alex G | Rocket
The result of a indie rocker on the come-up, (Sandy) Alex G creates a record that is truly conflicted and tragically human. The Philly-native’s incredibly detailed work is, at best, remains completely obtuse when it comes to storytelling and oddly-shaped, at worst is incredibly filtered and distorted – and it’s absolutely great in all it’s messy glory.