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Craig Clemens

May 12, 2017

On This Day..

1965 The Rolling Stones recorded ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ at RCA Hollywood studios. Keith Richards had come up with the guitar riff in the middle of the night a week earlier. It gave the band their first number 1 single in the US.

1967 Pink Floyd appeared at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, giving a special concert Games For May – Space Age Relaxation For The Climate Of Spring. This was reportedly the first show to include loudspeakers placed at the back of the hall to give a ‘sound in the round’, ie quadraphonic, effect. The sound system, developed by EMI technicians, was stolen after the show and not recovered for some years.

2000 Thieves stole the gates to Strawberry Fields the Merseyside landmark immortalized by The Beatles song. The 10′ high iron gates were later found at local scrap metal dealers in Liverpool.

2001 Singer and TV presenter Perry Como died aged 88. He scored fourteen US No.1 singles, from 150 US chart hits and over 25 UK chart hits, including the single ‘Magic Moments’ and ‘Catch A Falling Star.’ Como was once the highest-paid performer in the history of television.


Brand New Music

PWR BTTM | Pageant

Before allegations of sexual abuse and racism hit today regarding lead singer Ben Hopkins, we wrote an absolutely glowing review of this record, the one that remains below. It’s important, given the circumstances, that we note that we do not condone these actions and hope that all victims of these assaults get justice and the help they need. If you want to look into this further SPIN is doing a stellar job in reporting on the story as it develops.

This also seems like a good time to mention that if you are a victim of abuse – you are not alone. There are resources available to help you that are absolutely free. If you live in Canada here is a list of agency’s and services that you can contact right now if you need to talk to somebody.

Yes! Alas, a great pop-punk record! It’s been over 100-days since the Trump presidency began and it took way too long for something like this to come through. While PWR BTTM’s first offering Ugly Cherries was upbeat, fun loving and fancy-free, this one is a LP of protest and reflection. Remaining compassionate throughout, the duo embody a fearlessness that only a band that is truly hitting their stride can produce. From a musical stand point, this is 10/10.

Girlpool | Powerplant
There’s a certain charm to a group that remains so steadfastly lo-fi that even modern interpretations of the genre are no longer applicable. This is an OG lo-fi record from a duo that truly love the artform. These LA natives use the original sparse and understated aesthetics of the genre with honesty and purity of intent. Harmony Trividad and Cleo Tucker have exemplified their simple, undressed expression that is imaginative and enduring.

Harry Styles | Self Titled
It’s really hard to open yourself up like this. Sometimes it works, but in this case, it didn’t. Very few people can take the success of a group like One Direction and turn around to create something quintessentially their own. Although it ticks off the boxes of the “this is my time; please take me seriously” checklist, these collection of songs fall mostly flat. I hope he can turn it around, but I don’t see him becoming the sort of glam rocker the Rolling Stone seems to think he is.