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Craig Clemens

May 11, 2018

Brand New Music..

Beach House | 7
This is an incredibly exciting record for the Baltimore-based dream pop group. 7 is a complete retool of their sound and stands as a reminder that, even if we as a listener don’t necessarily notice the changes in tone, style and content, there’s always something new to uncover. Beach House continues to delve into the deep nooks and crannies of their style, but by expanding and drawing upon wider influences the group develops a more immersive sound that layers dense immersive sound.

La Luz | Floating Features
Always riding a fine line between their psudo-surf rock and their own warmth and sense of style, Floating Features hits the perfect note of warm southern Californian sunshine. Inspired by the physical and psychological landscape of dreams, La Luz relies more on a surreal world of their own explorations. The music itself beckons the listener into it’s imaginary world that is not too much unlike reality.

Simian Mobile Disco | Murmurations
An incredible exploration of the human voice and it’s combination with electronic music, Murmurations is a deep, intriguing and powerful release. Creative and energized, Simian Mobile Disco continues their exploration of minimalism and melody. Although this is not, by a long shot, their most accomplished work, it’s still a good listen from an absolutely vital group.

The Sea and Cake | Any Day
I want to call them stubborn. I want to say that their seemingly unwillingness to change their sound and break out the box a little bit. It’s strange to say that their consistency might be their downfall. But then I realize that this is not the case – it’s their consistency, the wispy seaside sound that’s made them such a pleasant listen time after time. You can’t really pin point any record to a point in time – and that’s fine. Leaving electronic and heavy production behind, there’s an analog authenticity to their work with melodies and layered musicality. There’s a tastefulness overall here that set’s Sea and Cake apart from their contemporaries, making sure that no one else really sounds like them at all.

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