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Craig Clemens

March 08, 2019

Brand New Music

Sigrid | Sucker Punch
Not only is this a nearly perfect collection of pop songs, Sucker Punch is also a great message of triumphant grace. A debut that carries an undercurrent of unbridled fun this Norwegian superstar-in-waiting soaks the listener in potential chart topping bangers. The narrative may be well trodden, but this is an amazingly impassioned, impressive and almost flawless debut album.

Stella Donnelly | Beware of the Dogs
Cut directly from the cloth of the likes of Courtney Barnett and Julia Jacklin, this album is truly entrancing and refreshing on dozens of levels. First and foremost the whole thing is wonderfully fearless, speaking up for those or either can’t or won’t, Donnelly’s outspokenness is completely uncandid and justified. Having grown not just emotionally, but also musically, Beware of the Dogs brims with a character that brings enough levity to ensure the absolute enjoyment of the music while dealing with hard-hitting political and personal topics.

Foals | Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 1)
A comprehensive showcase of the band’s continued prowess, Everything Not Saved… is lyrically ominous but a clear and defining voice for 2019. Easily the best of their career to date, this first part is absolutely huge. Stunning and defiant, this album is bold, transformative, inspiring and urgent. There’s a new direction here that is exciting to hear, and while they no longer try to shoehorn every musical idea into one single LP (see: Part 2″?) there’s a consistant strand of sonic DNA that runs through this that illustrates the true groove that Foals have found.

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