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Craig Clemens

March 27, 2020

Brand New Music

Waxahatchee | Saint Cloud

Easily the best collection of Waxahatchee songs to date, Alison Crutchfield is at her apex. Offering an album that is at once candid and stunningly pretty Saint Cloud doesn’t hide behind fuzzy guitars but instead puts on full display this road weary soulful voice.

Dua Lipa | Future Nostalgia

This album caps off a quick and stratospheric rise to stardom for Dua Lipa. This album is a representation of an artist in full control. Showing that she can be a powerhouse in the pop world while still keeping creativity at the forefront.

Childish Gambino | 3.15.20

I guess this album came out almost 2 weeks ago, but it’s botched(?) release left it on and offline for a few days. Regardless, this album was too good to go overlooked. 3.15.2020 is absolutely spell-binding, honest and one of the best albums of year so far, and potentially one of the first great albums of the decade. Contending with fear, sickness and anger, there’s fuel behind this music that explores the unknown with a piece of work that could not be more timely if it tried.

Also Out Today..

Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams | Aporia

Pearl Jam | Gigaton

Little Dragon | New Me, Same Us