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Craig Clemens

March 23, 2018

Sunflower Bean | Twentytwo in Blue
This is certainly a group that is showing it’s roots. Rarely holding back from paying homage to some of the greatest rock around, it’s difficult sometimes to cut through and hear the smart, memorable verses and intriguing lyrics – but they’re there. Sunflower Bean’s sophomore record does everything that we enjoyed about Human Ceremony, but more and with a better sense of self. Twentytwo in Blue is an honest reflection of these past formative years as a group and is a great launching pad into their future.

Preoccupations | New Material
Two records deep into their name change you can feel the group really leaning into, not only their own identity, but also their own clinical relentless sense of purpose. New Material focuses heavily on their guitar-bass-drums founding purpose but also features a rather stunning use of uneasy synthesizers that leave most of the extra space filled with a something closely similar to white-noise. The result is an intense and rhythmic character of deep and brooding moods that is not only accessible but also understandable.

Jack White | Boarding House Reach
It’s not surprising anymore when Jack White releases a piece of music that is all at once personal, lush and full of life. It’s something he’s been doing for the better part of 20 years at this point. But in many ways White’s most recent release is both experimental and mind-expanding while maintaining ‘his sound.’ Layered and compelling, White has always been a bit of a weirdo, and here we see his most eccentric form.

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