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Craig Clemens

March 22, 2019

Brand New Music

American Football | American Football LP3
Dazzling and unafraid, the Midwestern stalwarts of emo craft odd time signatures and lush arrangements into multi-minute epics. LP3 is built, brick-by-brick with a classic style that is truly a return to form. Breaking the mold of a “reunion”, American Football makes firm strides forward and leaves their legacy, although treasured, in the rear-view mirror.

Jenny Lewis | On The Line
Yet another beautifully realized effort. A stately and unhurried affair that methodically untangles heartbreak with sharp storytelling and Jenny Lewis’ trademark wit. For the most part, On The Line is a strong addition to an overall stellar body of work and another welcome showing from one of music’s most consistent and underrated performers.

Nilüfer Yanya | Miss Universe
Each song on Miss Universe feels like a trip into Yanya’s tangled psyche. The singer-songwriter has crafted an astoundingly original piece of work where every track sends shivers down the listeners spine. Sometimes the impact is intentional and controlled, other times is a tidal wave generated from her illusory songwriting and sunning voice. More and more songs spill out of this epic 17-track offering, each with sharp distinctive hooks and full of careful intrigue and playfulness. 10/10

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