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Craig Clemens

March 20, 2020

Brand New Music

The Weeknd | After Hours

Can we call this a comeback? Did we expect anything less than an insanely produced perfect blend of pop and R&B? The singles may have given pause to the idea that this album as a whole would flow well at all, but in listening to it from from to back, Abel absolutely pulled it off. He’s back.

Baxter Dury | The Night Chancers

By far the most self-aware of his work and there’s an innate level of certainty with The Night Chancers. While every one of these 10 tracks show a great understanding of genre and language, Dury has a distinctive voice that illustrates him in the middle of his artistic prime.

J Balvin | Colores

A party record if there ever was one. Laid-back flow to attract listeners who are maybe hearing musica orbano for the first time – and for others who have been following along this whole time, this is one of Balvin’s strongest projects to date. Strong with the reggaetron roots while drawing heavily on the Latino music scene, this is energetic and incredibly vibrant. If spring break weren’t cancelled, this would be ‘that’ record.

Also out today..

Låpsley | Through Water

Moaning | Uneasy Laughter

The Slow Readers Club | The Joy Of The Return