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Craig Clemens

March 02, 2018

Soccer Mommy | Clean
With a debut that would make Alanis Morrissette blush, Sophie Allison (aka Soccer Mommy) explores feelings of infatuation, self-loathing, and insecurity in a romantic and honest way. Her mix of anger and melancholy dominates as she explores the pitfalls of early adulthood. Dazzling from start to finish the production combined with Allison’s intelligent and beyond-her-years songwriting creates a devastating triumph.

Camp Cope | How To Socialise & Make Friends
A empathetic look at friendship, death, representation in the music industry, and a hell of a lot more, Camp Cope is chocked full of musical prowess and high tension. Listening to vocalist Georgia McDonald bring drama and personal adversity while exploring heartache and sexism with such amazing lo-fi production is a great example of music and production matching and complimenting a subject matter perfectly.

Superorganism | Superorganism
This is by far one of the most creative take on pop music in a very, very long time – easily the best in 2018. With the confidence of a platinum selling group and the weirdness of bands like Ween and the Flaming Lips, Superorganism’s compositions sounds almost closer to free jazz than dancable indie pop (as Pitchfork put it). This album is so much fun and with their talent to spare they created a patchwork of songs that is not only incredibly fun and catchy, but also intellectually stimulating.