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Craig Clemens

March 01, 2019

Brand New Music

The Japanese House | Good At Falling
Arriving with steady momentum, The Japanese House has carved out a sonically bright and glistening piece of pop music that merges the style seen in their first three EPs. In a mere 40 minutes, Amber Bain has illustrated her maturation as a musician and a producer that makes her completely unforgettable.

Little Simz | GREY Area
It doesn’t take long, when listening to a Little Simz track, to realize how great an MC she is. With this project, however, she has stepped beyond that to become a uniquely gifted artist. An incredible album from start to finish, Grey Area shows Simz with no false pretense, no facade, and all at once soft, hard, firey, vulnerable, and thriving in the multitudes of her facilities.

Pond | Tasmania
Lacking the humor the group had previous been known for, Tasmania finds the Perth, Australia natives producing an incredibly gripping sonic experience. An unpredictable and exciting record, Pond blends psychedelia and funk-driven basslines into exactly what makes them so great in the first place. Taking a cue from their country-men, Tame Imapala, this record bares a couple similarities to Currents in it’s playful and meticulous approach.

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