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Craig Clemens

June 07, 2019

Brand New Music

AURORA | A Different Kind of Human (Step II)

Embracing her modern pop sound AURORA puts extra emphasis on the details this time around. You need only look at the single “The Seed” to appreciate how focused the whole album is on themes of ecological crises, the bitter consequences of a selfish society and the damage that these have wrought on our planet and culture. From start to finish we get a pop record that is an ode to a home we can create, but we need to get out of our own way first.

Pixx | Small Mercies

A uniquely crafted and refreshingly complex sophomore record from the London-native, Hannah Rogers, Small Mercies digs a lot deeper amidst the turmoil and angst of a rocky world and while speaking openly and honestly about God, equality, her relationship with men and even the Earth itself. There’s grit and grime to the earnestness that Rogers speaks to, and with this more direct and unabated release, we find her inhabiting a variety of personas – all of which are unabashedly her.

Lust for Youth | Lust for Youth

This Danish duo comes from the same river as their previous 2016 release. With their well tested formula of melodic synth-pop and thumping beats the result is another finessed homage to 90’s era Europop. Dreamy and fun as hell, whatever the combination of sounds and synths, the results are catchy and infectious.

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