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Craig Clemens

June 02, 2015

On This Day…

1989 – Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones married 19-year old Mandy Smith. All other Stones attended while Wyman’s 28-year old son was the best man. The marriage lasted 17 months.

1999 – Junior Braithwaite, the original lead singer and founder of the Wailers, was shot dead at age 46 at the Kingston, Jamaica home of a fellow musician.

2002 – In a fight with his fiancé Heather Mills, Paul McCartney threw her engagement ring out of a hotel room window at Miami’s Turnberry Isle Resort. Hotel staff combed the grounds with metal detectors until they found the $25,000 ring.

2005 – Alex Kapranos, frontman of Franz Ferdinand, was arrested by Russian police after being suspected of being a spy. While traveling under his actual name, Huntley, Alex was accused of being an MI6 agent who had previously suspected of stealing and selling paperwork related to Russian weaponry. Kapranos was eventually released when it was discovered that the actual MI6 agent in question, Robert Tomlinson (who also traveled under the alias Huntley) was 42 years old, 13 years older than Kapranos.


Brand New Music

Jamie xx | In Colour
When you’re as talented and accomplished as Jamie xx, when you release a culmination of the last six years of work, it’s bound to be good. In Colour is really good. Everything from bangers to ballads is an incredible, effective and meticulously crafted LP.

Sun Kil Moon –Universal Themes
Universal Themes may be a bit of a stretch of a title for a record that is a little ‘all over the place’, so to speak. The new one from Sun Kil Moon can leave you with any number of different feelings about the record, but only because it seems so disjointed from itself in the first place. There’s a lot to like about this, but there’s also a lot that might bug you about it too.

Florence + The Machine | How Big How Blue How Beautiful
There always seems to be a bit of an order to this when it comes to artists : first LP sets the tone, second LP is disappointing, but the third is a masterpiece. How Big How Blue How Beautiful may not be a ‘masterpiece’, but it’s the closest Florence + The Machine have come to it. This LP is an emotional hailstorm dealing joy, loss, sobriety and ultimately culminating in radical reformation of Florence Welch’s style.