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Craig Clemens

June 28, 2019

Brand New Music

Freddie Gibbs | Bandana
There is absolutely perfect chemistry between Madlib and Freddie Gibbs – and of all of the great producer/rapper combos around these days, it’s hard to find one so underrated. Combined with Freddie’s flow and Madlib’s nearly improviational approach to sampling and production, we find both artists reconvening to create something so cinematic, so cosmically complete that you can nearly smell the giddy, unruly energy. 10/10.

Thom Yorke | ANIMA
Perfectly balancing the nervous angst of Kid A with the inevitable slow crush of a mid-life crisis, there is a fragmented, ruptured approach here that gives this record its own character. Ultimately, this is a fever dream, artfully produced in its doominess that suggests that we continue to pay credence to the genius that is Thom Yorke.

The Black Keys | “Let’s Rock”
Starting their second decade as a group the Black Keys decided they needed to spend a little time apart. So we got two solo records from both Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney – and they were great in their own right. Back together again for their ninth studio album, we find the group paying homage to the electric guitar, once again. Tapping into a creative approach and energy that have always driven the group, they pull on classic albums and feels that makes this record as “classic rock” as the Black Keys have ever been.

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