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Craig Clemens

June 14, 2019

Brand New Music

Madonna | Madame X
Madonna has something to say, and we would do best to listen. Throughout, Madame X is a fluid, self-referential, bold and brazen musical adventure that packs a punch of an artist awakened after a long absence. Including features like Quavo and Swae Lee feels slightly contrived, but it doesn’t overwhelm Madonna’s own aesthetic decisions.

Baroness | Gold & Grey
Finding themselves at a crossroads, Baroness have created a bright and striking record that is the sound of a world-class band setting their own history on fire and letting it burn. Rich, bold and absolutely epic, Baroness reaches shining peaks and descends into terribly gloomy valleys, and by doing so, cements themselves as one of the most important bands in modern rock music.

Goldlink | Diaspora
Absolutely refusing to be one-dimensional, Goldlink here offers up dynamic flow that is every bit vulnerable as it is edgy. Fun and powerful, Diaspora is a clubby, fast-pased, enjoyable record that fits his voice and personality to a tee.

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