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Craig Clemens

June 01, 2018

Brand New Music

Father John Misty | God’s Favorite Customer
Somber yet completely satisfying, God’s Favorite Customer turns Josh Tillman’s gaze back upon himself. Instead of biting satire examining the world around him, artfully bestowing witty take-downs of the human condition, we see a raw and melancholy character. This record shows Tillman at his most level-headed, still biting and sly but soulful, and probably very heartbroken.

Natalie Prass | The Future and the Past
A sophomore album that is not only socially conscious but also extremely danceable. There’s a skill to being able to evolve from a sort of self-faced confessional and turn out something focused more on outward-facing perseverance – and making one of the year’s best records in the process. In toying with these new points of view and even a different genre, Press’ originality and the feeling of her self-titled debut is still weaved expertly throughout the record. Perfectly combining hazy vocal melodies with slick synth sounds, Prass creates a old-meets-new vintage hue that deviates expertly from her opulent debut without leaving the whole thing behind. This is a remarkably polished record, with a dedication to nostalgia that is almost refreshing.

Neko Case | Hell-On
Chocked full of personal anecdotes and possibly her most sensitive storytelling, as Neko Case moves into the next quarter century of her career we find her overall musicianship and songwriting hitting a sweet spot with an incredibly dense and eclectic LP. Each moment of Hell-On plays up Case’s lyrics and delivery which moves effortlessly from vulnerable, to tough, to wry and biting.

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