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Craig Clemens

July 05, 2019

Brand New Music

The Soft Cavalry | The Soft Cavalry
Teaming up with Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell (in music and in life), the UK indie veteran Steve Clarke has taken many old ideas off the backburner and created an album that it sounds like he’s wanted to make for a very, very long time. With each track it’s own character and with it’s own story to tell, The Soft Cavalry addresses heavy feelings while flirting with lighter ones by pulling on strings of summer levity and psychedelia.

Trash Kit | Horizon
With their most ambitious and exploratory release to date, UK’s Trash Kit stand on their love of Zimbabwe’s guitar music more than any other previous record while continuing their growth and progression with their circular song structure and groove. Allowing each track to die and return is reflective of the increasing confidence the band has in improvising and stretching their sound to it’s limits.

The fifth proper album from Californian-born singer-songwriter, Jesca Hoop, starts out with a finger-picked tome that repeats “We go look for dark” – from there, the theme only gets more complex. STONECHILD, inspired by a museum exhibit of a woman who carried around her unborn foetus for 30 years, conjures images of decay, doomed romanticism and psychological trauma set to seething and haunting musical backdrops.

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