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Craig Clemens

July 27, 2018

Brand New Music..

Ross From Friends | Family Portrait
A major success from Ross From Friends, this very personal and varied in style, Family Portrait is a culmination of a remarkable and uncommonly original take on electronic music. Keeping listeners guessing while creating a significant, shimmering and dusky melodies, Ross From Friends has made a cohesive, lovely little LP that’s easy to fall into.

Gaika | Basic Volume
The Brixton-born Gaika releases his debut with a strong, distinctive maturity and versatility. Mixing a cross of electronic music and dancehall Basic Volume breaks new ground on the UK music scene. This is some of the most provocative work from one of the most multi talented young artists of this generation.

Tony Molina | Kill The Lights
Spanning a tight fifteen-ish minutes Tony Molina brings us quickly to the late-60’s. Clearly influenced by the best of the Beatles, Byrds, Kinks, and Gram Parsons, the whole thing feels like the middle of a Wes Anderson film. This LP (if you can even classify it as such) has it’s longest track at an absolutely sprawling 2 and a half minutes – if you ever wanted an album to be double it’s length, this one is it.

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