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Craig Clemens

July 26, 2019

Brand New Music

Angie McMahon | Salt

Long removed from her 2013 opening for Bon Jovi on his Australian tour, the final product of Salt, six years in the making, was well worth the wait. While momentum is slow and ponderous to begin, the pulse increases towards “Keeping Time” as McCahon croons about relationships expressing herself with throaty vibrato and a fresh, introspective personal take. Clearly an album to be absorbed naturally, alone, and with a clear head.

Florist | Emily Alone

LA-based folk singer-songwriter, Emily Sprauge (aka Florist), has utilized her feel for delicate guitar lines and gentle ambiance to produce a family and somber intimacy that is both poetic and plain – a perfect combination of guitar strumming folk. So fragile that it seems like the record itself can blow away in the wind, these ten intimate tracks about solitude captures a melancholic raw beauty.

Clark | Kiri Variations

Daring and experimental, Chris Clark stands long former label-mates Aphex Twin adn Oneohtrix Point Never as some of the best experimental acts today. Gone are the kicks, bass, and distortion, and in it’s place we find particularly English sense of “weird”. Something reserved but completely lovely. Combining synth, piano, and uplifting strings, Clark creates one of the music conventionally beautiful records of the year while remaining incredibly subtle in groove and sensitivity.

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