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Craig Clemens

July 20, 2018

Brand New Music

The Internet | Hive Mind
Always with their amazing sense of groove and intimacy in their music, Hive Mind takes cues from Prince’s end of the world party 1999 and results in a hazy stew of swooning R&B. An absolutely brilliant and electric album that is smooth, mellow and warm, The Internet has made the 3-year wait between records completely worth the wait.

Ty Segall & White Fence | Joy
With most tracks clocking well under 90 seconds, these quick hits from Ty Segall and White Fence show a sort of shorthand account of what this duo is capable of in terms of songwriting ability. These two have a tendency to pick at the history of rock in order to create their music, and they do it very well especially in an age where rock is essentially dead (something they repeat on this record). But it’s their eccentricity that sets these two apart from any contemporaries, even if they’re now few and far between.

Wild Pink | Yolk In The Fur
Following their self titled LP, lead vocalist and songwriter John Ross exquisitely examines his musical environment. Like being completely lost in the woods by yourself, Yolk In The Fur is a ever growing and evolving journey, an illustration of a largely silent and peaceful world.