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Craig Clemens

July 19, 2019

Brand New Music..

Ada Lea | what we say in private

With depth and humanity what we say in private lives on the edge of the surreal. With her sometimes brutal honesty Ada Lea’s musical mind pushes so much farther than simply melody and words, but instead truly affects the listener in a real and heartbreaking way. This Montreal-native bonds the duality of being a jazz school graduate playing indie music (not an easy task) which brings unexpected detailing and structure to the material that is wonderful to explore.

IDER | Emotional Education

The creative energy presented from this London duo is electric. Fulfilling the big promises of an Emotional Education IDER grabs your attention from the very beginning and never lets you go. Exploring themes of absent parents, mental health, and anxiety while also delving into ideas surrounding identity and humanity, every track is stronger than the last. A very personal record, the duo did not work with co-authors, nor did they feature any collaborators on the tunes. Pure, unadulterated, IDER – from start to finish. And it’s worth every second.

Hans Zimmer | The Lion King (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Okay, so the photo-realistic characters are lifeless and the cash-grab remake of the 1994 Disney classic has deservedly divided fans, however after bringing back the legendary Hans Zimmer along with the tunes from Elton John and Tim Rice, the 20+ year old songs are given brand new life by voices such as Beyonce, Donald Glover, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. When stripped away from the dull, lackluster renderings and uninspired visuals, you are left with a soundtrack that stands on it’s own as an emotive and nostalgic performance. Although some of the new additions to the soundtrack are largely forgettable, the soundtrack, newly remade, does it’s memorable songs justice and breaths new life into the songs.

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