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Craig Clemens

January 26, 2018

Nils Frahm | All Melody
A result of some of the most ambitious work he’s done, Nils Frahm keeps a simplicity in this record that leaves ample space for experimentation. This experimentation gives the record as a whole a wildly varied sound, but it still remains moody, slow and meloncholy. The strength in Frahm’s music has always been his minimalist melody and it’s always been the music’s purpose to support these melodies for maximum emotional reward. Overall this is a refreshed musical sound, not a remixed one.

Dream Wife | Dream Wife
Chocked full of post-punk attitude and the glam magnetism taken directly from their live shows, Dream Wife are here to prove, once again, that guitar music is full of life and can still be explored. All the Icelandic-UK trio does from start to finish is boil over with energy in a blaze of glory and glitter. Their undeniable songwriting and pure unadulterated talent is fresh and alive.

Django Django | Marble Skies
This album might be 6 years too late. Although cutting edge in 2011-12, a early-2018 record this is not. Marble Skies as a whole suffers from being a little bit too plain. If you’re into that kind of thing, that’s fine, but instead of nudging this record into more experimental worlds, this album relies on the fact that it’s just a ton of fun to listen to. Vanilla is still a good flavor, but if you’re into some tiger-tail right now, look elsewhere.