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Craig Clemens

January 25, 2019

Brand New Music


Better Oblivion Community Center | Better Oblivion Community Center

Better known individually and Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst, Better Oblivion Community Center is a collaboration that almost works too well to be true. Chocked full of charming melodies, biting lyrics and carefully crafted harmonies, two of the most influential songwriters around combine to hit their audience right in the feels. This collaborative debut is honest, insightful and absolutely delightful.

Dawn Richard | new breed

In her love letter to her hometown of New Orleans, Dawn Richard offers a contemporary and creative album that is lush and full without being overproduced. Sonically finding the essence of eclectic R&B, the lyrics suggest the carnival atmosphere of NOLA while the instrumentation reinforces the message. Tighter, stronger and more assured than her previous three albums, Dawn has found her game.

William Tyler | Goes West

The last time we met William Tyler it was before our innocence was shattered by 2016’s surprise election of Donald Trump. Tyler’s album from that year was a nostalgic ole to his home in the Deep South. Now, he admits that he may have been wrong in his assessment, stating in interview since that he “was romanticising the South, but actually I should’ve been terrified of it”. Flash-forward to 2018 and we find Tyler creating his most satisfying album to date. There’s a new found depth in Goes West that implies that even if he’s moved on from his ancestral home, we still can find the same sense of home in the appreciation of ourselves.

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