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Craig Clemens

January 24, 2020

Brand New Music

Pet Shop Boys | Hotspot
How many victory laps does this make for the Pet Shop Boys at this point? Still taking synth pop and dance music to uncharted territory, the legendary UK duo remain incredibly refreshing and transcendent. A clear example of pop music 20 years deep into the 21st century, their experience and understanding of the medium shines through with their skill and expert flair.

Wolf Parade | Thin Mind
Returning to their roots as a trio Wolf Parade have symbolically, and actually, returned to a template that feels just as true and organic as it did over a decade ago. The group has crafted another absolute winner, maybe mot something that totally wins over new converts, but a great addition to an already stellar catalog. Vivacious and encompassing, Thin Mind is a expansive offering where all individual elements shine.

Andy Shauf | The Neon Skyline
Steeping in warm melodies, Andy Shauf has created a record that is absolutely his own. Having produced, arranged, and performed every single element of this record, there’s a sense of oneness to the whole thing. There’s a brilliant ability to create a narrative that is at once wholesome, but also complex, colourful, and incredibly dry.

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