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Craig Clemens

January 22, 2016

On This Day..

1959 – Alone with an acoustic guitar and tape recorder in his New York City apartment Buddy Holly made his last recordings, including ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’, ‘Crying, Waiting, Hoping’, ‘That’s What They Say’, ‘What To Do’, ‘Learning The Game’ and ‘That Makes It Tough’. The recordings would be overdubbed posthumously and were later released by Coral Records.

1969 – The Beatles moved from Twickenham Film Studios to Apple studios in London to start recording the “Get Back” LP. Billy Preston was brought into the sessions (John, Paul, and George knew Preston from 1962, when he was a member of Little Richards backing group). The Beatles were determined to record the album “live”, flaws and all.

1992 – Mariah Carey’s stepfather went to court seeking damages, claiming that he had paid for her Manhattan apartment, a car and dental work in her early years on the understanding that she would repay him when she became successful.

2015 – In the first successful celebrity case of its kind, Rihanna won a legal battle against UK store Topshop over a T-shirt bearing her image. The Court of Appeal in London upheld a ban on the store selling a sleeveless T-shirt featuring a photo of the star without obtaining her permission. The star had sued Topshop’s parent company Arcadia for $5m back in 2013 over the T-shirts, which featured a photo taken during a video shoot in 2011.


Brand New Music

Savages | Adore Life
This is an amazingly good rock record. Gut busting, face melting rock music. You know – like it used to be! Adore Life feels like someone playing a loud guitar right in your face while emotionally, it touches on the concerns of mental turmoil and feels a little more human. Critics are calling this group the best rock band in the world at the moment. It’s high praise, but given the quality of the musical output, it might be warranted.

Chairlift | Moth
Chairlift is quietly becoming one of the best indie-pop outfits out there. While they certainly have the production and vocal chops – as is evident – their songwriting ability is nuanced, progressive, seductive and high-class. Long ago leaving their house roots, the group has created something much more exciting and confident.

Tindersticks | The Waiting Room
Unorthodox and lush, the newest offering from Tindersticks proves their legitimacy still now, decades after their debut. Beautifully subtle and powerful, The Waiting Room feels like a sound without a time – neither dated or futuristic. There’s a certain pleasure from this warmth, which results in an album that should be listened to all at once.