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Craig Clemens

January 18, 2019

Brand New Music


Deerhunter | Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?

When you’re talking about albums that foresee the coming destruction of civilization, rarely do they sound this good. Deerhunter’s incredible eighth studio album is a perfect representation of who Deerhunter is: futuristic, warm, nostalgic, distant, sometimes pretentious, but entirely human. In thirty-seven short minutes Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? offers intelligently crafted socialital critiques and presents them invitingly enough that you can just let the music coolly wash over you. Although previously lofty and heavy, with this release we find a distraction from the chaos outside about the chaos outside.


James Blake | Assume Form

James Blake just re-asserted himself as one of the greatest producers in the world, again. Featuring the likes of Andre 3000 and Travis Scott, Assume Form is a dizzying romantic album where we find Blake truly opening up, both personally and sonically. The smoke and mirrors are gone, and what is left is a singular vision.


Sharon Van Etten | Remind Me Tomorrow

Not pulling any punches, Remind Me Tomorrow could be the crown jewel in Sharon Van Etten’s catalogue. By doubling down on her own artistic tendencies, Van Etten has reinvented herself and shown that she’s an enduring voice that can create cohesive works without being limited to a single style. Remind Me Tomorrow stands comfortably alongside Van Etten’s finest work but also, excitingly, beyond anything she’s ever done.

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