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Craig Clemens

January 13, 2017

On This Day

1963 The Beatles recorded a TV appearance on the ABC Television program “Thank Your Lucky Stars” in Birmingham playing their new single, ‘Please Please Me’ The show was broadcast on January 19.

1968 Johnny Cash played a show, which was recorded, for his forthcoming live album at Folsom Prison, near Sacramento, California in front of 2,000 inmates. When released, the lead single, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ (an update of his 1956 hit) became one of the most famous recordings of his career.

1979 Soul singer Donny Hathaway committed suicide falling from a 15th floor New York hotel window.

2010 Beyonce and Jay-Z were named Hollywood’s top-earning couple by Forbes magazine. The pair earned an estimated $122-million between June 2008 and June 2009 – more than any other couple married or unmarried.

Brand New Music

The xx | I See You
Possibly one of their boldest pieces of work. For a group that is widely known for being soft-spoken I See You sounds like a group gaining confidence in their own sound. Still relying on their own expertise in complex arrangements, dreamly pop vocals and a penchant for excellent storytelling there’s rarely a genre that the UK outfit don’t experiment with: pop, R&B, jazz and gospel – the group is truly bringing in everybody’s talents and combining them together beautifully.

The Flaming Lips | Oczy Mlody
Although not immediately impressive the newest from The Flaming Lips remains experimental as always. It’s sillier than maybe some are used to overall, and it may offer a jarring experience to some fans, but it’s still the Lips at the top of their game: obsessively and naturally weird while retaining a overwhelming sense of youthful awe and wonder.

SOHN | Rennen
Building on the minimalism of their 2014 debut Tremors the newest from SOHN is a represents a musical transition of sorts as the group made the personal transition from Austria to LA. Based in a heavy dose of synths and unconventional percussion SOHNs nearest musical comparison is still someone like a James Blake, but Rennen remains focused and controlled in tone and feel.