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Craig Clemens

January 10, 2020

Brand New Music

Poppy | I Disagree
If this wasn’t such a complete parody it might actually be a pretty good album. It relies heavily on novelty and simultaneously winks at the fact that, yeah, this is Poppy and it probably has a much deeper meaning to the artist than it does to the audience. Poppy switches personas like pairs of pants, it’s this disjointed nature that is up front and center here as her overproduced output moves from genre to genre without any true forward momentum from track to track.

Georgia | Seeking Thrills
Filled to the absolute top with polished pop-dance tunes, we find Georgia at her most jubilant and insightful. A document of a life lived under the disco ball, this is an embodiment of one of the UKs most interesting and exciting voices. Sophisticated, emotionally nuanced, and diving headfirst into this dance cave we’re met with an overwhelming emotive work that leaves one seeking additional listens.

The Big Moon | Walking Like We Do
Every single second of this record is a reflection of a group of people absolutely loving their lives. Infectiously happy, this record is pure joy from start to finish. Lyrically expansive, it touches on many 3rd rails, but still remains inspired, challenging the listener to be happy for once.

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