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Craig Clemens

February 28, 2020

Brand New Music

Soccer Mommy | color theory

Dark, effortless, cool, and absolutely whip-sharp, Soccer Mommy has taken everything that has worked in the past and managed to enhance everything that we truly loved about her music. Exploring the mundane without offering any sort of sugar-coating in terms of extraneous poetry or flowery language, Soccer Mommy has an inherent ability to keep her hard edges while still letting her bright talent shine. As exploration of pain and melancholy goes, this one is as beautiful as they come.

Caribou | Suddenly

Writing beautifully endearing tunes set to incredibly layered production results in an absolutely spectacular seventh album. In Suddenly Dan Snaith (aka Caribou) has found a voice that brings experimental music to the forefront without ridding himself of the lush melodies or the inherent strangeness that is a major through-line for his work. An amazingly rewarding listen, if you simply give into the journey on this one, you’ll find yourself thrilled with this party-starting work.

The Orielles | Disco Volador

Now a powerful foursome, 2020 has resulted in these Halifax-natives pulling on lush sounds from the 70’s. Punchy, “far-out,” and full of synthy sections and gang vocals, there’s a lot here for those types of people who like to be able to dance to their indie rock. Fresh and optimistic, this sounds like a band having an absolute blast making music.

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