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Craig Clemens

February 22, 2019

Julia Jacklin | Crushing
A breakup record for the ages, Crushing is fresh and captivating. Trumphant and spiritual, this record is a strikingly candid exploration into the highs and lows of the the end of a relationship and what might come next. Almost painfully autobiographical, there is personal, open hearted honesty which Jacklin clearly had to sort out before arriving here. The melancholy filters through, but with a more stripped back style, it cements Jacklin as a true modern-day alt-country great.

Spellling | Mazy Fly
Maintaining the the raw and mystic nature of her songwriting, Tia Cabral (aka Spellling) has created an idiosyncratic, but thoughtful, new record. This absolutely required repeated listens. As each turn of the record goes by the kaeidoscopre of sound releases another melody you missed the previous time. There’s a much more polished studio quality this time around, with more fleshed-out arrangements incorporating a wide array of instrumentation.

Sleaford Mods | Eton Alive
The humourous nature of their lyrics often hides the reality of their reportage. Sleaford Mods are at their cultural and influential apex, and with Eton Alive they have delivered one of their strongest records so far. Taking chacne while renewing and enhancing their sounds this record is a cry of life amid an increasingly deadening envrionment.

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