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Craig Clemens

February 19, 2016

This Day in Music..

1976 – Former lead singer with Tower Of Power, Rich Stevens was arrested in connection with the drug related murders of three men in San Jose, California. Stevens was found guilty of the charges in November 1976.

1982 – Ozzy Osbourne was arrested in San Antonio for urinating on the Alamo. Osbourne was wearing a dress a the time of arrest, (due to his wife Sharon hiding all his clothes so he couldn’t go outside). Osbourne who apparently thought he was relieving himself on a pile of rubble was banned from ever playing in San Antonio again, (a ban that was lifted in 1992).

1995 – Roxette became the first western group to perform in Beijing since George Michael in 1984 when they played a concert celebrating the Chinese New Year.

2008 – Two releases by Oasis were voted the best British albums ever recorded in a poll of 11,000 people. Their 1994 album Definitely Maybe came top, while their 1995 follow-up (What’s the Story) Morning Glory was second in the vote for Q magazine and HMV. Radiohead’s OK Computer finished third, followed by Revolver by The Beatles and the Stone Roses’ self-titled debut. The full list of 50 British albums included five by The Beatles.


Brand New Music

TEEN | Love Yes
Following the break up of Amber Coffman and Dave Longstreth, and the eventual end of the Dirty Projectors, there was left a void of truly creative, high-end, artsy technical indie-pop. TEEN, a band who has in similar fashion to DP struggled to gain mainstream success, are the spiritual standard bearer for this movement. Don’t be deceived – TEEN’s synth-pop could fool the casual listener to feel that Love Yes isn’t as creative and weird as it truly is. Shiny and brilliant, this is the four-pieces strongest work to date.

Brood Ma | DAZE
There’s a lot going on here, to say the least. After setting himself up with a ton of buzz following his previous two digital releases, James B Stringer (aka Brood Ma) has released a destructive and violent LP in DAZE. Post-industrial, dubstep(ish), noisy and completely heavy the entire album feels like a complete demolition. Challenging, DAZE is not for those with a sunny disposition.

Animal Collective | Painting With
Credit where credit is due: even if it is still a very busy and queezy affair, as is their style, Animal Collective have released an album that is startlingly more reserved, refined and at some times sublime. Painting With is weird – yeah, it’s still weird. But as it remains playful it is also very much crafted and intentional.