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Craig Clemens

February 16, 2018

U.S. Girls | In A Poem Unlimited
Amazingly groovy with oceans of depth and meaning, this album is going to end up on a lot of year-end lists as one of the best art-pop, rock, or psychedelic records of the year – which is, admittedly, a bold statement to make in February. This incredibly well-written sixth record from U.S. Girls sees Meghan Remy take on greatly controversial subject with intellectual and emotional wit. But not only is the record as a whole potent and powerful, but it’s also a great dancing record, the combination of which is hard to find these days.

Car Seat Headrest | Twin Fantasy
It’s really great hearing an artist finally, after years of working out of their bedrooms, get access to the type of studio that would make Phil Spector blush. And as well done as the original 2011 version of Twin Fantasy was, what Will Toledo has done with this re-issue (if you want to call it that) is prove that all of his work is, in fact, a fluid thing that means something completely different than it did 6 years ago.

Ought | Room Inside the World
What you’ll hear here is the sound of a well oiled machine. A group that knows each other so well that making records in such a balanced way is almost second nature. Sure, they’re not breaking any new ground, but what they’ve produced gives hints of a new-found elegance that gives way to their most beautiful output to date.