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Craig Clemens

February 14, 2020

Brand New Music

Tame Impala | The Slow Rush

Has it really been 5 full years since Currents? There’s certainly a level of patience that’s required with Tame Impala and Kevin Parker’s output – that patience, however, is always unrelentingly rewarded time and time again. This painstakingly fine-tuned studio record is something that serves double-duty as a stadium rocker as well as a complex, meaningful and fluid album. It’s somewhat incredible how when looking back at the past work and comparing it to the current work that the same artist can change and shift their attention while still remaining razor-focused on the integrity of the work. This yet another masterclass from Tame Impala, front-to-back. New and fresh, but there is no question about who is singing the instant the needle hits the groove.

Cindy Lee | What’s Tonight to Eternity

Cindy Lee offers an incredible amount of range and breadth to this record that it’s amazing how they managed to create something so finely constructed. Absolutely their best album to date, the result is something haunting and totally surreal, an expression of explorations set to pop music. Sometimes it’s incredibly insane, sometimes soft and loving – always creative.

Tennis | Swimmer

An absolutely gorgeous album, fittingly released on Valentine’s Day, a collection of tracks that are warm but have a darkness to them that didn’t exist in their previous work. This couple is growing old together and the flame, although still burning, means something different now that they’ve been burned a few times. This album is grounded in their deep feelings for one another and it shows in this excellent LP.

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