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Craig Clemens

August 07, 2015

On This Day…

1954 – Johnny Cash married Vivian Liberto in Memphis, TN, with plans to become a local appliance salesman. Instead he form a band with Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant and was signed to Sun Records a year later.

1976 – The UK weekly, Melody Maker, gave The Sex Pistols their first ever front cover.

1997 – Garth Brooks performed to the largest crowd ever in New York’s Central Park – over 1 million people, on top of the 14.6 million viewing live on HBO.

2008 – Elvis’ peacock jumpsuit, the white outfit with a plunging V-neck and high collar, featuring a hand-embroidered blue-and-gold peacock design on the front, back and pant-legs, sold at auction for $300,000, making it the most expensive piece of Elvis memorabilia.


Awesome New Music

Mac Demarco | Another One
Reviews are mixed for the new mini-LP from Mac Demarco. While some feel that this is just another natural progression of a sort of joke-rocker who is coming into his own, the music itself doesn’t seem to be particularly different than his previous release Salad Days. Well formed but short in ambition, the record delivers, but not much.

La Luz | Weirdo Shrine
Dusky, grey, and a sort of sexy-crawl in tempo and feel – the second LP from La Luz takes it’s own advice and totally “get’s weird”. Their take on lazy surf rock gets real spooky. And although these ladies may have perfect pitch, this is not a record that strives to correct it.

Chelsea Wolfe | Abyss
This a really dark one. Consuming and nightmarish – don’t play this in front of children. Living and thriving in the dark-side of Alt Rock, Chelsea Wolfe is proving that there’s still a lot of room for developments.

Oh yeah.. and Dr Dre released a record that only Apple customers can listen to… but whatever.. it’s not like we wanted to listen to it anyway…