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Craig Clemens

August 03, 2018

Brand New Music

Mac Miller | Swimming
Three years into finding his stride and sound with GO:OD AM, Mac Miller is now full of confidence and control. Surprisingly retrained and subtle, Swimming is a guided journey into Mac’s heartbreak and turmoil. Brutally honest, this 13-track ambling self-acceptance opus embraces the possibility that he might never figure it out. But by turning his anguish into one of this year’s most disarming and pleasant records, Miller has churned out a great piece of introspective hip hop. Watch out, Miller is getting stronger by the album.

Helena Hauff | Qualm
Highlighting once again just how essential she is to the electronic music scene, with Qualm Hauff has further enhanced her reputation as one as a vital voice of contemporary dance music as a whole. Infectiously raw, cerebral and just as precisely focused as her previous works, the sum of the parts here are entirely satisfying. Balancing the elegant tight-rope of her alternative fans with those from the dance-pop world, Hauff finds herself returning to her own modus operandi, just jamming on her machines.

A epic 15-tracks in length, YGs follow up to the acclaimed Still Brazy is unfortuneatly very average. It pretty much all works, in the weird way that YG’s music works, and the whole album is anchored by his own taste and flow. Although it seems like STAY DANGEROUS was meant to hammer home just how serious YG was with his gang background, it falls flat by simply being mediocre.

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