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Craig Clemens

August 02, 2019

Brand New Music

Ty Segall | First Taste

A thinker of an indie album, Ty Segall remains the best self-indulgent artist on the planet. A backhanded compliment? Surely. But this is all a part of the Ty Segall sound. A perfect distillation of all that has come before it, this album expands on the singer’s sound while holding onto his maximalism that makes this work so incredibly compelling. A 30-second drum solo to end off the trashing “The Fall” almost smack dab in the middle of the record? Do it. Ty Segall illustrates with First Taste his disinterest of what we expect from an indie rock record and instead thrills us with his distorted vocals, jerky guitars, and unexpected instrumentation.

Clairo | Immunity

An absolute amazing collection of songs and a great tale of a young woman’s journey from her teens into her twenties, Immunity is something to crawl into. This album is a warm blanket that assures you that there are better times ahead. Moving beyond the lo-fi bedroom pop of her early career, Clario has released something restrained and detailed, something charming and impressively broad for a debut release. All of this combines with her stylistic variability that sets her apart from her peers.

Drake | Care Package

Oh look! A surprise album from one of the most popular artists on the globe and one of the most divisive artists in hip hop. Let’s have a look and see what the internet has to say about Drake today! “Remember when Drake didn’t sound like booty water?” Oof.. that’s not too great – let try another. “Cash grab after cash grab – Drake is just pandering for streams”. Yikes. Consensus before even clicking play on Care Package is fairly unanimous. Outdated loose tracks from his producers hard drive that really are just meant to get people listening again. In reality, this consensus isn’t far off. There’s not much to be inspired by here. Features by Rick Ross and J. Cole and tracks like “The Motion” offer some decent performances, but overall this album lacks direction and purpose. Drake has had a half-decent run of (new) LPs and NBA Championships, so it’s only fair that he was due for a bit of a stinker.

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