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Craig Clemens

August 24, 2018

Brand New Music

Blood Orange | Negro Swan
Easily Blood Orange’s most energetic work, Negro Swan warps hip-hop, jazz, soul and R&B into his unique blend of creativity. There’s very limited dead weight on this extended LP and is one of those records that requires repeated listens. Blood Orange has begun his transformation into one of the brightest starts in pop, and today he proves that he’s also one of the most important as well.

Interpol | Marauder
With their sixth studio record, Interpol is absolutely snapping with energy. Poking, prodding, and even possibly purposefully boring, there are points in this record where the group is trying to alienate it’s audience. But my taking their classic guitar-rock in new directions, the New York City powerhouse band pushes the limits of what they can do while still staying accessible. Interpol are reinvigorated, and by enbracing their veteran status they’ve started to release records on their own terms.

White Denim | Performance
Packing excitement into an amazing throwback, you can close your eyes at points and be transported directly back to the mid-70’s when silly things like genre didn’t even matter. White Denim prove once again that they are one of the best around. And what they lack in raw edginess, they more than make up for in penchant for amazing psych rock. Play loud.

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